Spring Is Here!

It seems like spring has decided to make an early appearance here in Germany. Spring, together with fall, is my favorite season because everything is new and bright and happy. You just can't not smile when the first beams of sun hit your face after weeks of grey and depressing weather. That's why I decided to share with you my top ten signs that spring is finally here. (And, for that matter, I am finally here again.)

#10 When you leave the house to go to work, it is not dark anymore. Yay!

#9 The smell of spring flowers and warm wet soil.

#8 The first mosquito will find its way into your home. Luckily, they are still a bit drowsy and weak, so you can kill them in no time.

#7 When you get up on Saturday morning, you will inevitably find your neighbor working in the yard. And you will feel bad about the fact that you are still in your PJs while other people are already busy.

#6 Walking the dog doesn't feel as much as a burden as it did in sleet and ice-cold winds. It even starts to feel like fun again!

#5 Sneezes. The first days of spring come hand in hand with the first waves of pollen. But have you ever noticed how allergy sneezes sound different from cold sneezes? People with hayfever sneeze a bit like guinea pigs, if you ask me. (And I am allowed to say that because I am occasionally one of them.)

#4 You look into your wardrobe and realize you have nothing to wear that goes with the weather. And those colors there, they are so last year!

#3 The trees and the first flowers are in bloom. This week, I have spotted the first tulips in the neighborhood. And I am a sucker for those bright pink cherry trees!

#2 The color green loses all its yuckiness and starts to look like something that might even find its way into my living room, maybe in the form of pillows or blankets.

#1 Who let the dogs out? The most definite sign around here that spring is finally here is my beloved pal Coca. As soon as she stands in front of the French doors leading to the garden and starts to stare longingly into the sunshine, it is definitely spring! There's no other dog in the world who loves sunshine and lazy days in the garden as much as this pooch.

What are your spring favorites? Or are you one of those poor souls who just can't enjoy spring because of the pollen? Let me know!

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Pretty DIY To Do List Board

Don't you just hate To Do lists? I mean, I totally understand that it is a great organizational tool and all, but just seeing those long lists written in ugly handwriting, using ballpoint pens and the scrappiest paper you could find, makes me not want to do anything. However, there's probably no way around To Do lists if you actually have a life.

Solution? The cute To Do list board. It's pink, it's pretty, and you can write down your jobs using dry-erase marker. Here's mine:

You only need a picture frame, pretty colored paper, scissors and glue. Life can be so easy, right? I made this To Do list board for my pink and feminine office (you might remember the paper flower lamp and the DIY damask wall stencils) and I have to say, having a To Do list doesn't make me want to hide in my bed under my blanket anymore ;-)

Of course, you can also make a calendar that way by using 31 individual paper pieces instead of the 25 I used - who wants too much space on their To Do list?

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PS Please don't be fooled by the fact that my To Do list board is empty while in fact, it is a very long ugly scrappy paper pinned to the back of my door.


Today's Life Lesson 01/12 - Home Is...

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"Home" Embroidery Project

In the time before the holidays, I did a lot of embroidery projects. I must admit that I feel a bit like an old lady with her five cats when I am sitting there with my needle and embroidery yarn, but I like how serene and relaxing this activity is. Additionally, you can do it anywhere, which is really practical (and unlike many of my other crafts, it doesn't completely mess up the place...)

There was a lot of alphabet art in the making, lots of initials for friends and family, but I didn't really take a lot of photos. The project below was a house-warming present for my dear friend, and I really love how it turned out.

I just love the patterns, don't you? They give a rather modern twist to such a traditional craft.

So, what's your take on embroidery? Old-school granny craft or still up-to-date?

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Wanting It All... But One Step At A Time

Boy, I really did fall off the waggon there, didn't I? Somehow I lost all my blogging motivation and disappeared off the face of the earth for some time, and I kinda blame it on wanting it all. In addition to all the balls we're trying to keep in the air at the same time, I wanted to have that cute little blog with lots of creative stuff and regular posts. Regular not as in once a month, but actually regularly a couple of times a week. And if you get too greedy, you end up not having anything at all, it seems.

Why am I sharing that with you? Two reasons:

1) I guess the same thing is true with New Year's resolutions. If you want too much too fast, you will end up getting nothing at all. Dieting, for example. Or starting to do sports. Take your time, girls.

2) I really hope to start blogging again this year on my cute little blog with creative stuff and regular posts. But this time, regular as in a couple of times a month. I figure I rather post a couple of cute projects instead of a lot of not-so-swanky ones. You see, I still want it all, but I have realized that it must come one step at a time. Be patient with me, I'm still recovering ;-)

Anyhow, I wish you all a fantastic year of 2014!

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Today's Life Lesson 12/01 - It Is Christmas In The Heart That Puts Christmas In The Air.

I went shopping in August. It was the week before school was about to start again. Pencils, rulers, felt-tips, everything was there. And the first Christmas cookies. I was dumbfounded. Why would people want to buy Christmas cookies now? Apparently, they did.

To me, it is a different kind of thing that puts me in the Christmas spirit. Decorating the tree together. Meeting friends and baking Christmas cookies together. Creating or finding a present that really shows someone that I care about them. Helping someone out buying a tree even though you are already busy. Taking a walk through the brightly lit neighborhoods. Seeing the bright eyes of kids at Christmas time. Toasting the season with dear friends.

Today is the 1st December. Time to let Christmas into your heart.

What puts you into the Christmas spirit?

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