Deliciousness On A Spoon - Recipes (Part 1)

A recipe for people who can't cook. A quick handmade gift that people will love, no matter what their age is. A quick treat for you and your family. All rolled up into one neat package. This is what I'm going to share with you today!

What you can do with them:
  • eat them (duh!)
  • put them into hot milk to turn it into one of the best and tastiest hot chocolates that you have ever had!

What you'll need:
  • good chocolate (white, milk, and dark chocolate)
  • christmas-y spices (ground cloves, cinnamon...)
  • coconut flakes
  • nougat
  • vanilla beans
  • fresh ground pepper
  • instant espresso / ground espresso beans
  • mini marshmellows
  • decorations, e.g. M&Ms
I made six different kinds of chocolate spoons, each flavor very easy. From the top of my head I could have come up with at least five additional ones, so you can see that fantasy is key here!

Today I will share with you the first three flavors (the names are stupid, but I came up with them, so that makes them awesome, okay?):
  1. Christmas In Your Mouth
  2. Snowman Poop
  3. Gentlemen's Delight

1. Christmas In Your Mouth
  •  milk chocolate
  • christmas-y spices
  • white chocolate for décor
Carefully melt the chocolate over a double cooker. I can't warn you enough of keeping your eyes on the water because just one drop of water can ruin your whole chocolate! When it's smooth and liquid, add your spices. I recommend cinnamon and ground cloves and cardamom. Use very small amounts of them and check the taste again and again. (I know, it's too bad that you have to try the chocolate again and again...) Don't forget to use a new spoon each time! When the taste is right, pour the mixture onto plastic spoons. Let it harden completely. This will take about 2 hours, I guess.

For decoration, melt some white chocolate. Use a plastic baggy and pour the warm chocolate into it. Then carefully cut off the tip of one of its corners and decorate the milk chocolate, e.g. with a swirl.

2. Snowman Poop
  • white chocolate
  • coconut flakes (preferably very fine flakes)
  • white round decorations (I used crunchy balls, but you probably have a wider selection in American supermarkets)
Melt the white chocolate over a double cooker. When it is completely liquid and smooth, add spoonfuls of coconut flakes. Stir after each spoonful to see if the mixture still has a smooth texture.You want just as many coconut flakes to make the chocolate mix a tiny bit grainy. Now pour the mixture onto your plastic spoons. Let it harden for just a few minutes, then sprinkle some more coconut flakes on the chocolate and add your decorations (the snowman poop).

3. Gentlemen's Delight
 (I know, the name sounds like a sleazy strip joint, but I just don't care.)
  • dark chocolate
  • fresh ground pepper
  • dark decorations (I used crunchy balls)
 Melt the dark chocolate over a double cooker. When it is completely liquid and smooth, use your pepper grinder to add a good amount of pepper. I used some white pepper and a black pepper mix, but that's up to you. Taste the mix to see if it is right because the aroma of warm dark chocolate will be very strong and maybe cover some of the pepper taste. Remember not to keep the chocolate over the boiling water much longer because pepper doesn't like too much heat. When the pepper taste is strong enough (it really depends on what you like), pour the mixture onto pastic spoons. Let it harden for just a few minutes, then add your decorations.

Tomorrow I will share with you three more varieties and how to package the spoons in an easy, but cute way.

I am planning on giving these chocolate spoons to my co-workers for Christmas this year. It is always easy to find something for them, right? What are you going to give to your co-workers this year? Or aren't they going to get anything?

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  1. So cute - I love treats like this and had never seen them until moving here! Cool to know I can make them instead of buying them

  2. Anja! This is amazing! I want to make all your recepies but I am not sure what to do with them... can spoil my colleagues with these delicious things every week..... And eating them myself....hmmm not a good idea....

  3. I´ll have the snowman poop, thank you very much!! :-)))) Very creative, very funny and no doubt delicious! Great idea!

  4. Love this! You have some nice recipes that I've never even dreamed about. The Snowman poop sounds like my favorite :)

  5. Haha snowman poop!! Love it. And such a cute idea!

  6. Oh, Anja, these are fantastic!! Such great gifts. Snow man poop is such a funny name. lol! I'd love to make hot chocolate with these if I didn't eat them first. :)


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